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Summer Clothing Guide For Plus-Sized Women

summer plus size clothing

For women with curves, shopping can be a bit of a challenge: Oftentimes, you get confused when browsing through a list of clothing collection in online stores. Hence, to help you in your shopping voyage, we have listed below few style ideas that will help you to get a little bit more creative with your plus size fashion this season. Whether it’s an essential that you can’t’ do without or a trendy piece perfect for the feeds’, read on to know more about the unique way you can dress up for the perfect summer look-book.

Invest in A Bodysuit

The more you move, the more tank tops ride up. Stay secure all day with a fitted bodysuit. It smoothens your tummy and stays put, plus it'll wick away thigh sweat. You can even adorn your favorite white fitted dress without worrying about a fashion disaster.

Cotton Over Polyester

Not all summer dresses are created equal. Choose breathable, natural fabrics like cotton and linen over synthetic ones like polyester, and you'll sweat a lot less. Plus, when you do sweat, your clothes won't stick to you and make you look sloppy.

Shorts Under Skirts

To beat the hot day thigh sweat you can wear bike shorts under skirts. Especially of you are wearing neutral or pastel colored skirts, the sweaty stains can be embarrassing. Hence, diminish the risk by opting for skin toned shirts which is made of a comfortable fabric.

Boyfriend Shorts

Short shorts can be a little uncomfortable if you've been blessed in the booty department. Most of the time they ride up and basically become underwear. Cuffed boyfriend shorts with a mid-thigh length are on-trend and still show off your curves during the hot season.

Mix-And-Match Bikinis

Most people aren't the same size on top and bottom, which is the reason why you might have trouble finding the right swim fit. You can grab bikini tops and bottoms varying in prints and style that fits you well.

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