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Plus size workout clothes, active wear Jumpsuits, Tanks and sweats in fitness and workout attires that complement your curves.

Shop our exclusive cool looking curvy fitness workout apparel store. Casual fashion for larger ladies. Women feel great and look great in these comfort tops, pants, leggings, sweats and workout apparel fashion. Fashion fitness apparel in gorgeous colors with a groovy cool curvy look. The motto is sexy yet subtle a real attractive curvy women's silhouette emblem on these high quality sweats , tees, tops and bottoms.

Our embroidered towels are stitched individually and beautifully for a quality workout and beach towel you'll love to use. The curvy woman silhouette makes a statement and makes you feel great to be a bigger woman. You'll feel the difference in it's soft and luxurious feel and it's distinctive look will be all yours. Don't wait to buy our must have towel accessories along with tees, tops, sweatpants and beach towels available in a full exclusive line of colors. Buy yours today !

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