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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2020

Your searching for the best deals and prime day at amazon seems to be the way to go. Think again...

Amazon Shopping & Plus Size Clothing Sales

When we sold there we had to increase the price by 30% to cover additional 3rd party revenue shares to them along with warehousing and additional shipping to their warehouse. 

In short, all amazon sellers suffer from the same issue and as a result what seems to be a great deal, in reality is not. Compare the prices of plus size clothing with our store right here and see consistently lower prices including shipping even when compared to "free shipping deals" you're tempted with. 

Apparel Shopping Security & Safety Compared

One can argue that they feel shopping on a big site like theirs is safer. Well, here too think again. Today's ecommerce world is super safe. There isn't a site without SSL high level security and it's almost impossible to find legitimate website stores not shipping or delivering. Moreover, if a store didn't deliver, the customer has the upper hand to report fraud and receive a full refund from their credit card company. 

Chart: Amazon Prime Members Heavily Outspend Non-Prime Customers | Statista

You'll notice business news sites are the largest announcers of the event such as CNN, Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos himself), techradar, business insider, PCMag and others. These news media outlets act to pump and hyper the sale that brings a euphoria need to shop it. Don't be a crowd follower.. Think for yourself and you'll see you end up spending more and that without taking into account membership fees.  

Chart: Prime Day Doubles Time, Amazon Reaps the Rewards | Statista

Is there any other reason why you wouldn't shop Plus Motif instead?

If so let us know.. We don't think so..