Watch Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Leggings

Life is short, wear the leggings.

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It drives me nuts when people say

that leggings are not pants, because leggings are pants.

Some people say you should not wear them as pants.

Why are people looking at them in like

a creepy sexual way?

It’s like wearing, you know, sweatpants or something.

They’re pants, okay?

I’ve been told that they’re not pants,

and also that I shouldn’t wear them because I’m plus sized.

Usually, when I put on leggings I end up jumping around

a lot and if I can kinda do this and move around.

I know a pair of leggings fit

when I pop a little bit.

I can like, kick my legs up.

Once they’re on in the dressing room,

I’m definitely testing like this.

I definitely need to be sure that I can like…

I’m just looking for something with a real good stretch

and I can put my leg over my head if I need to.

It’s more for me about the right amount of stretch

so that they’re functional and not falling down.

I am bottom heavy, and like, you know,

I have a big butt and big thighs.

Finding leggings that stretch

and cater to that is essential.

Spandex, of course.

I like high waisted leggings.

Definitely love high rise.

I love the waist snatched.

I know leggings fit well when they hit me about right here

in my stomach, cover my belly button.

I like a higher waist just because I have a weird torso

and my natural waist is like, up here.

I hated when leggings were down here, but now it’s like,

can I hide my whole stomach in them?

Because I am so short sometimes high waisted leggings

will like, come up to here and that’s not gonna work.

If I’m like, struggling to get them up and over my back,

they’re a good pair of leggings.

There are certain leggings out there that you’re just like

excuse me?

Hello, my butt looks good!

You know you’ve found a good pair of leggings

when they push your butt up.

Well a lot of times I’ll get a fit for my thigh,

and then it’s too big in the waist,

and I’ll be like running or something,

or trying to be active and they’ll just go,

doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot.

I wanna make sure that my leggings don’t fall down

and show my unmentionables.

I like to test how transparent leggings are by taking

my phone flashlight and actually just going in the mirror

and, you know, shining the light.

Most of the time like if I bend over, I always do a check.

Like I bend over by the mirror.

I really don’t want them to be see through.

The last thing that you want is to have your butt in the

air in a downward dog and have somebody behind you have,

you know, a really great view

of the underwear you’re wearing so I always do one of these.

I shouldn’t have to, like, figure out what color underwear

I need to wear for the day

when I intend on wearing leggings.

This is just inevitable for women

who have big legs, big thighs.

They rub together and your pants wear out really quick.

Durability of like, everything.

I have big ass thighs, they shave, and

so the fabric gets like, pilly.

I don’t want to spend money on a pair of leggings

and then wear them two times,

and then the crotch is busted.

Some people are like, girl get those five dollar leggings.

I’m like, no, I can’t.

They could wear out in the inner thigh,

or they’re like, too thin, and they just show everything.

Here’s what I want from my leggings when I’m working out.

I want so much protection in this region.

I don’t want, when this region starts sweating,

oh, no, no, no, no, no, we gotta go.

I sweat like a sinner in church.

Rather than leaving like a lovely butt stain wherever

I sit, I would rather, like, the fabric

kind of just wick that away.

I wanna feel like I’m the driest human being

walking down the Sahara.

Like just dry, dry, dry.

I don’t want to have to be constantly thinking about

the leggings as I’m working out.

I’m a fan of Pilates and so there’s a lot of like,

having your crotch and legs up

in weird positions on a reformer.

Having leggings that stay in place when you’re in awkward

positions and being flexible is very important.

I do a lot of dance workouts,

so if I’m doing that movement and my leggings fall down,

that’s the worst thing that could possibly happen.

If I’m running on the treadmill, I’m not

constantly pulling them up, you just don’t want them moving.

When I’m working out and I’m wearing leggings that don’t

fit, it’s very uncomfortable.

I have to, like, focus on what I’m doing,

proper position and technique,

and also worry about if my butt crack is gonna show.

When I decided that I wanted to lose weight, and

I got a personal trainer, I’d go to the gym

and I would wear clothes that were very baggy

so that no skin would be seen whatsoever,

and the more confident I got, the more that I decided,

okay, well I can wear tighter fitness gear now,

’cause I’m feeling good about myself.

At the end of the day, I want to be healthy,

and I want to be fit.

And I need a pair of leggings to get me through

the hour long workout.

I think women need to dress for the gym like it’s

somewhere they want to go.

And when your only options are like an old t-shirt

and a pair of baggy sweatpants,

how is it ever gonna be a place you want to go?

But if I have a nice pair of leggings that I love

and a shirt that fits me like it’s supposed to

and I can move well in,

I feel confident and empowered when I enter the gym.

I’ll stop wearing leggings

when I stop looking so good in leggings.

I got good legs from my mom and my grandma and

I think leggings show them off the best way.

[Aileen] There’s something about leggings that feels like,

powerful to me, it reminds me of being an athlete.

[Rheanna] Leggings are my power clothes.

[Erin] I can stretch, I can move, I can run,

I can jump and do whatever I need to do.

It’s about what makes you feel comfortable,

nobody puts leggings in a corner.

(dance music)